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Some emergency plumbing issues simply can’t wait until morning. If you’ve ever experienced the sheer terror of a blocked toilet or dread at walking into a flooded kitchen, you’ll know what we mean. When you have an urgent plumbing emergency, be it domestic or commercial, you need a reliable plumber to have on call, any time of the day or night.

We understand this, so we offer emergency plumbing services in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Hunter region 7 days a week. It is our priority to ensure we be there when you need it most! Whether it be a blocked toilet, major water leak, suspected gas leak or urgent repairs to your hot water system, our friendly team will be ready and willing to provide emergency plumbing repairs. 

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Common Plumbing Emergencies

Overflowing Toilet
Don’t panic, it happens to everyone (and don’t we know it!). Broken or blocked toilets are one of the most inconvenient, yet unfortunately most common, emergency plumbing issues.
There’s no hiding the symptoms of a blocked drain. A blocked sewer can prevent fixtures such as your kitchen sink, shower or bath from draining effectively, and so can cause flooding.
If you’ve ever had water run cold mid-shower, we feel your pain. While you might curse the world for it, hot water system issues are more about the power supply or faulty parts on the system itself.
Water Leak
Leaks can spring from taps, water meters or hot water tanks and should be addressed promptly to minimise damage.
Gas leaks can be very dangerous, even fatal. To avoid disaster, call a plumber as soon as you smell or suspect a gas leak.
Burst Pipe
A burst water pipe can cause extensive damage to walls, floors and furniture if not isolated or repaired fast enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if a water pipe has burst?

One minute you’re filling the kettle, the next your kitchen sink is spurting water everywhere. There can be little warning and it can feel like it comes from nowhere. Isolation should be your immediate response; first switch off any electricity in the vicinity, then isolate the valve on the water meter to stop the water flow. As soon as possible, call your emergency plumber to locate and repair the leak.

What should I do if I can smell gas?

Gas leaks can lead to dangerous, and even deadly, situations in confined spaces or spaces near an open flame. If you smell gas within your home or on your property, you should first turn off all gas appliances and pilot lights to eliminate any naked flames. You should then isolate the supply at your gas meter or gas bottle and immediately call a licensed emergency gas plumbing fitter. Keep you and your family as far from the leak as possible.

What should I do if my toilet is overflowing?

It can be immediate panic stations as you watch the water level steadily rise to the top of the bowl! Objects being dropped in the toilet, excessive toilet paper or issues further down the line can all contribute to this unfortunate situation. Avoid putting anything else in the bowl and call your emergency plumber as soon as possible.

Can you fix my plumbing emergency after hours?

Yes! Enviromate Plumbing have experienced plumbers on call all year round. Simply call us on 02 4943 9000 to reach a plumber after hours. They will be able to identify and make safe or repair your issue at any time of the day or night.

What should i do while waiting for the plumber to arrive?

Sit tight. Our emergency plumber is on the way with the tools and know-how to resolve your plumbing emergency quickly and efficiently. If you have a gas leak or water leak follow the steps above, isolating the gas supply at the meter and turning off your main water valve. 

12 month extended warranty

On selected hot water systems

Receive an additional 12 months warranty on a new hot water system supplied and installed this month.

Enviromate plumbing came out and cleared my blocked drain, the service was very prompt and professional. They cleared my drain and then put the camera down to show me what the problem was and where. Every detail was explained to me and gave me a clear understanding of what may need to be done in the future. It was very refreshing to use a company with such professional understanding tradesmen.
We would like to thank you for your efforts to resolve our ongoing heat pump fan issue, each time we have dealt with Enviromate it has been a very positive experience. We have been lucky to have Bray attend our house and on the times he has been, he has been very prompt, friendly and helpful. A great asset to any business, thanks again.
—Deb & Margaret
All your team who worked on our plumbing over the past few weeks, were excellent in terms of providing professional advice, doing a very good job and providing the service in an effective and timely manner. I would like to especially thank Tristan, Ben and Steve who were also courteous, friendly and professional as well as carrying out their work efficiently and very effectively.
Just wanted you and the other staff members to know that I received a call from Exec Committee at 26 Devon and that they wanted to say thanks very much. Great service and they will recommend your firm to everyone.
—Wayne Mitchell, Strata Manager
I would just like to say that Enviromate came to our place Saturday afternoon and were very organised explained everything to my husband and very well mannered. We thank them for the professional job and attitude they have and we even had hot water that night :-). I will recommend your company to anyone

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