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Blocked Drains in Newcastle & Lake Macquarie

A blocked sewer or stormwater drain can be extremely inconvenient and lead to costly damages if not resolved quickly. The impact on internal fixtures, such as a slow draining shower, blocked sink or a blocked toilet can cause a big disruption to your life and wallet, and we don’t want to see either.

At Enviromate Plumbing, we pride ourselves on being Newcastle’s blocked drain specialists. Our team has the latest equipment in drain cleaning and sewer cameras to unblock your drains quickly and effectively.

Drain Hydro Jetting Newcastle

For your peace of mind that the very best equipment is being used to assist with your drainage problems, we use a high-pressure water jet also known as sewer jetting to cut through tough blockages in domestic, commercial and industrial sewer or stormwater systems. Where required, our CCTV technology can identify the location and depth of the drain or sewer blockage and determine the cause, allowing us to provide you accurate quotes for your drainage solutions if required. These include both excavation and no dig repair options, learn more about our pipe relining service.

For further security, we offer a written warranty on all residential drains that we have unblocked and inspected with our CCTV. We offer the most effective drain cleaning services in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens and Hunter Valley regions.

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Drain Unblocking Newcastle Services

Blocked Toilets

There's nothing worse than coming home and finding somebody has blocked the toilet. It's important to get on top of a blocked toilet issue to avoid a gradual build up over time. At Enviromate our blocked drain plumbers make you the priority, ensuring that your blocked toilet is resolved ASAP.

Blocked Sinks

If you've started noticing that your sinks aren't draining as quick as they used to, it could be the result of a blocked pipe. Food scraps and other objects often get washed down drains unknowingly and can cause a blockage to build up. It's vital to address the issue of a blocked sink earlier than later. 

Blocked Showers & Baths

Hair and soaps cause drain blockages in showers and baths more often than you'd think, slowly clogging the drain. Using our drainage equipment we are able to unblock shower or bath drains quickly and easily, for emergency blocked drain plumber service get in touch.

Drain Plumbing Maintenance

Keeping your drains clean and free of blockages makes for less worry and saves money in the long run. Keep your drains in their best state and ensure that you have no drain or sewer blockages down the track.

Common Drain Blockage Causes

Tree Roots
You never know what’s happening beneath the surface… Tree roots can wreak havoc on drains by entering the smallest cracks or joins and growing rapidly inside the pipe.
Inadequate Fall
A pipeline needs adequate fall to drain properly. Inadequate fall may be a result of earth movement or incorrect installation.
Broken Pipes
Tree roots, ground movement, structural issues or additional load above-ground can lead to pipes collapsing and breaking.
Sanitary Products
Sanitary products and wet wipes, including those claiming to be flushable, should never be flushed and can get stuck and cause blockages in sewers, not to mention environmental problems.
Blocked bathroom drains caused by a buildup of hair can get caught amongst grease and other sticky substances to cause major issues, including nightmares.
Kitchen waste
Food scraps, including oils and grease should never be washed down a drain as they can solidify in the pipes.
Foreign objects
Kids, we’re looking at you… Objects such as toilet sanitisers and toys are often dropped into drains. These should always be removed rather than flushed away to avoid drain damage and blockages.
Although made to go in the shower, sink and bath, many soap bars are made with grease, combined with the minerals in water, and this can cause a build up of soap scum leading to damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my sewer is blocked?

Oh, you’ll know… Common signs of a blocked drain include a bad unpleasant odour, a gurgling sound from the pipes, a slow draining sink or the water rising in a toilet. You may also notice that there has been sewer or waste water overflow at an external gully.

What should I do if I have a sewer blockage?

Locate your sewer shaft, connecting your house pipes to the sewer main. If this is blocked, contact your local water authorities (Hunter Water service the Lower Hunter region) as the sewer main may be blocked. If it is clear, you will need to contact your local blocked drain specialist, and we recommend a CCTV inspection.

What drain clearing equipment do you use?

Our blocked drain solutions include multiple domestic and industrial sewer jetting high-pressure hydro jet blasters that can cut through tough blockages and clean sewer and stormwater drains. We also carry advanced CCTV technology allowing us to locate and diagnose the cause of blockages. Our newest sewer camera can pan, tilt and turn up any junctions to ensure nothing goes unnoticed. More information on clearing your blocked drain.

Why should I have my drains inspected with a sewer camera?

Drain cameras play a very important role in providing a permanent solution to your blocked drain problems. They allow us to visually inspect the issue as well as reveal the exact location and depth of the problem. From there, we can provide you an accurate quotation to repair the affected section of pipe.

Do you offer warranty on your blocked drains service?

Yes! We are so confident in our ability to effectively clear your stormwater or sewer drains that we will provide a written warranty on any pipes that have been assessed using our CCTV camera. The length of warranty will depend on the condition of the pipe inspected and quotes can be provided for any necessary repairs.

Can you fix my broken stormwater or sewer pipes?

If a CCTV inspection indicates damaged pipes within your sewer or stormwater drainage system, there are multiple options to repair the issue depending on the location, depth and severity. We can carry out excavation work to replace damaged pipework, conduct full drainage renewals and also offer pipe relining for a no dig solution.

Who is responsible for clearing blocked drains?

The responsibility for clearing blocked drains generally depends on the location of the blockage, if it lies within your property boundary then responsibility is with you. Generally, homeowners are responsible for clearing blockages within their own property boundary, whilst water companies are responsible for blockages in public sewers.

How do you unblock a badly blocked drain?

There are several ways to unblock a badly blocked drain, these include:

- Using a plunger

- Drain snake

- Chemical drain cleaners

It's important to note that these methods can sometimes cause more harm than good and potentially damage your pipes. We always recommend seeking professional help from a licensed plumber to ensure safe and effective removal of a blockage.

Do you have to pay for blocked drains?

This depends entirely on whether the blockage is in your property boundary, if so then you have to pay. If the blockage is in a public sewer, it's up to the water company to clear it.

What's the best way to unblock an outside drain?

The best way to unblock an outside drain will depend on the cause of the block, and also the severity of the blockage. You could try using a drain snake or pressure washer to remove the blockage, but these actions are best left to a licensed plumber to ensure safety and efficiency. If you are trying to unblock a drain yourself, it's important to wear protective gear and avoid using harsh chemicals as they can cause harm to the environment. 

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Enviromate plumbing came out and cleared my blocked drain, the service was very prompt and professional. They cleared my drain and then put the camera down to show me what the problem was and where. Every detail was explained to me and gave me a clear understanding of what may need to be done in the future. It was very refreshing to use a company with such professional understanding tradesmen.
We would like to thank you for your efforts to resolve our ongoing heat pump fan issue, each time we have dealt with Enviromate it has been a very positive experience. We have been lucky to have Bray attend our house and on the times he has been, he has been very prompt, friendly and helpful. A great asset to any business, thanks again.
—Deb & Margaret
All your team who worked on our plumbing over the past few weeks, were excellent in terms of providing professional advice, doing a very good job and providing the service in an effective and timely manner. I would like to especially thank Tristan, Ben and Steve who were also courteous, friendly and professional as well as carrying out their work efficiently and very effectively.
Just wanted you and the other staff members to know that I received a call from Exec Committee at 26 Devon and that they wanted to say thanks very much. Great service and they will recommend your firm to everyone.
—Wayne Mitchell, Strata Manager
I would just like to say that Enviromate came to our place Saturday afternoon and were very organised explained everything to my husband and very well mannered. We thank them for the professional job and attitude they have and we even had hot water that night :-). I will recommend your company to anyone

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