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Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water systems are an excellent option for those that are environmentally conscious and looking to save money in the long term; the system draws its energy from the sun, significantly lowering your household’s carbon emissions.

Don’t worry, this does not mean that you can only have hot water when the sun is shining… With a gas or electric booster you can be sure that you will have hot water even in the depths of winter (when you want it most!). It’s important that solar hot water systems are checked, cleaned and serviced regularly to prevent any major system failures.

Heat Pumps

Like solar, a heat pump can reduce both your carbon emissions and your power bills. They work on a similar refrigeration principle to air conditioners, only backwards, using the heat in the ambient air surrounding the system to heat the water. Heat pumps do not require the sun, nor do they rely on boosters in certain conditions. Once the water has hit a set temperature, the system stores this water and goes into standby until it is required to heat again.

Benefits of Solar

Lower Carbon Emissions
Hot water systems are the largest contributor to the greenhouse gasses that emanate from an average Australian home. Installing a heat pump or solar system can drastically reduce this carbon footprint.
Government Incentives
Many heat pumps and solar hot water system installations are eligible for Government incentives through the Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme.
Cheaper running costs
As solar systems draw the majority of their energy from the sun, and heat pumps draw heat from the air, you should see a significant reduction in your power bill.
Long life expectancy
With adequate maintenance, regular servicing and anode replacement, a solar hot water system is a great long term investment for your property.
Gas or electric boosted
To avoid losing hot water on the coldest, dreariest day of the year where the sun may not shine (June/July, we’re looking at you), you can choose to have a gas or electric booster on your solar system to ensure that you have hot water at all times.
Installation Options
Solar hot water systems come in various sizes to suit your household usage. You can also choose between having the storage tank on the ground or roof.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are solar hot water systems the cheapest way to heat hot water?

There are many factors that can influence the cost of heating water. The main running costs are influenced by gas type and the electrical tariffs. You also need to consider the upfront installation costs. To get a clearer comparison of the running costs, you can use Rheem’s Running Cost Calculator:

Do solar hot water systems work on cloudy days?

Yes. You can choose to have either a gas or electric back up booster that will heat your water when the solar gain is low. The tank will sense when the booster is needed to ensure that you do not run out of hot water, despite the weather.

Which water heater is best, gas or electric boosted?

Natural gas is cheaper to run, therefore if you have a natural gas supply, we recommend that you choose a gas boosted option. It’s good to note that LPG is more costly than natural gas, and if you do not have a gas supply, you will need to use electric boost.

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